InštrukcijeLanguage courses

We offer you a wide range of language courses from the beginner's level upwards. The courses can either focus on standard language or they can be aimed towards a particular business field.

We encourage you to contact us and let us know your needs. Together we will design a course that will meet all the requirements (from one-to-one lessons to pre-designed small group courses).

We cover these subject fields: English, German, and Maths.
We also offer you one-to one on line lessons.

Prices are from 13 euros per one lesson (45min).
Do not hesitate!

The steps of ordering procedure are:
1. Contact us and let us know your needs through e-mail.
2. We offer you a course.
3. You pay for the pre-designed package.
4. The lessons go on according to the schedule.

We also offer you text translations between language pairs: Slovene – English and Slovene – German.
You are welcome to contact us.