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Colours of Language Community

Colours of Language community offers a therapeutic programme in which the participants recover from conditions, they can hardly live with, and are consequently able of more independent work in everyday life. The programme consists of a plan of activities thought the whole day in which the residents raise their abilities of functioning whether it is an ability to communicate with other people or abilities to do everyday chores.
Colours of Language community offers the programme also for those residents who stay at the community for unlimited number of days, but a shorter period, a week for example. This programme is chosen by the future residents who wish to bridge the time (holidays for example), when their parents or custodians are away, or when a resident is deciding for a longer stay and just want to see how life in the community runs on.
Residents usually decide for longer stay (a month or more) in the community only after a short introducing stay, in which they see the life in the community from inside. These long-term residents are offered personal needs-oriented programme.

goats presentation

Why animals?

Animals are present at almost all work activities that are an integral part of everyday life in the community. These are domestic animals the residents take care of on a daily basis, feed and groom them, clean their sheds, and play with them. They have strong instinct of survival, that is why they are eager to accept food and let people groom them. Individual residents take some animals to their heart and for this become through time their permanent keepers. Besides that, all work activities with the presence of animals are carefully planned to be functional and not self-sufficient. In this process the residents not only raise their own level of ability to accomplish daily routines, but unconsciously also their self-confidence.

Why life in a community?

During their stay in the community the residents come into the contact with staff members and with a number of other participating persons, who have also their own better and worse abilities in different fields. The participants exchange their experience in the activities, get aware that they others do have their own problems, learn how to actively solve them, and grow personally.